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Family and Self-improvement Articles

Below, you'll find relevant articles on parenting, family, emotional health, social skills, emotional intellligence, personal development, and self-improvement. Some of Dr. Rayel's articles on above topics will be featured.


  • Parenting 101: How Can Traditional Games Benefit Your Child?
    Traditional games allow families to have quality time together while improving relationships, creating laughter, keeping the brain healthy, and strengthening the bond that glue the family’s fabric.
  • Parenting: Mission Possible
    Parenting is a special mission, not just a chore. It is a noble undertaking, not just a mindless task. It is the only calling that consistently develops future teachers, builders, creators, innovators, discoverers, healers, caretakers, artists, ministers, and many more.
  • Emotional Intelligence: A Tool for Success
    As you know, emotion is pervasive in our daily existence. Whatever we do or wherever we are, we experience it. A typical day consists of situations that evoke varying degrees of happiness, anger, anxiety, or excitement.
  • Emotional Health for 2007 and Beyond: Six Practical Strategies
    Those individuals who diligently prepare survive but only those who are emotionally capable will thrive. I hope that these six strategies can help you attain the emotional health you deserve for 2007 and beyond.