Oikos Game Series 


Teaching your Child Personal Development and Social Skills

As a parent, do you want to teach your child practical life skills?


Do you want to teach your child emotional intelligence (EQ), personal development or  social skills in a positive and fun way without nagging?


Do you want you and your kids to have fun as a family while talking about important life issues?



Dear Parent,



How much do you value and love your child? How important is your family to you?


Parenting is fun. Do you still remember when you held your newborn child for the first time? It was a thrill. I bet, you could dance all day. You wouldn’t exchange that feeling for any money in the world.


Like you, I want the best for my family. Like you, I want my children to grow with a positive attitude in a world of infinite possibilities.


However, parenting can also be tough. Frequently, our families are bombarded with tough issues and a lot of times, we don’t know how to handle them.


It’s strange that we learned some complex mathematical and scientific concepts while we were in school. And yet we never had any formal education on parenting. Nor did we have any proper schooling to gain practical skills on how to handle the intricacies of life.


Eventually, we learn about life through good and bad experiences, trial and error, and informal advice from elders, parents, teachers, baby sitters, friends, and neighbors.


Now that you’re an adult and a parent and have gained a lot from life, let me ask you two questions. Is this the best way for your children to learn life skills? Do you want your children to go through what you went through — learning interpersonal and emotional skills by trial and error and advice at random?


In my psychiatric practice, I’ve realized that children face many challenges and complex choices in their communities, schools, and yes, in the streets. These challenges are difficult to resolve — pressure from peers, bullies in the neighborhood, strangers with bad intentions, dangerous street drugs, sneaky acquaintances, and interpersonal problems to name just a few.


Learning how to handle these tough issues requires more than just random advice and trial and error. Children need more than these.


Our children are precious. They deserve something more – quality time, quality supervision and quality advice from you as a concerned parent.


I have four lovely children whom I love so dearly. Everyday, I watch them grow up. I don’t want them to learn life skills by chance and at random.


Therefore a few years ago, I decided to create a plan on how best to prepare my children face life’s complex test.


In 2003, I created a game (now Oikos Game) simply to help them learn practical life and emotional skills. I identified the important issues that children face and came up with more than ten vital skills that my kids need to address these sensitive issues.


A game prototype was developed and a few weeks later, we were playing the first Oikos Game. The results were surprising!


Not only did my kids gradually learn emotional, personal development, and social skills, we also became closer as a family. Since then we have talked more about sensitive issues such as dealing with bullies, good manners, showing empathy, being assertive, solving problems and other topics that we would not have discussed without this game.


Oikos Game not only achieved but it also exceeded my purpose. I thought that if my family has benefited from it, why not other families?


Hence, Oikos Game was born.


Perhaps, you’ll wonder why we chose the name “Oikos Game”. In the old days, the word “Oikos” means a “house.” Eventually, the definition has been stretched to mean “sphere of influence.”


We therefore chose Oikos Game as the appropriate name for this learning tool because we aspire to expand the child’s sphere of positive influence through this game.



What are the benefits of playing Oikos Game?


  • Oikos Game is a great tool to teach children how to deal with bullies, show empathy, be assertive, solve problems, face fears, deal with strangers, good manners, and much more.


  • Oikos Game provides a venue for families to talk about sensitive issues relating to school, community, and family in a safe and secure environment.


  • Oikos Game promotes family interaction and openness


  • Oikos Game sets a pattern for appropriate behavior through its situations that portray real-life events.


  • Oikos Game helps parents and children deal with common issues in a fun way, without parents having to nag.


  • Oikos Game, through its cheerful and colorful images, promotes and celebrates multicultural diversity.


  • Oikos Game encourages reading and mathematical ability during play.


  • Oikos Game promotes coping and social skills for children.


  • Oikos Game helps children learn emotional intelligence, personal development, and communication skills through rewards and consequences, repetition, family interaction, and play.


  • And much more.


Despite all these benefits, it’s obvious that Oikos Game alone can’t build your child’s character. You as a parent should share your precious moments with your child. Every minute of your time counts to a child. Every minute of your time is a golden moment to a child.


There is no substitute for your loving presence, for your detailed explanations, for your colorful stories, for your inspiring examples, for your warm embrace during difficult times, for your laughter on a quiet afternoon, for your sincere effort to be just you.


Oikos Game is simply a medium. So while playing the game, make it an opportunity for your child to learn and discover new skills not just from the game but also from you.


Parents like you who have played Oikos Game with their children are exceptionally pleased. They’ve realized the joy of learning and teaching while having fun with their children.


Here’s what other parents have to say about Oikos Game:



The kids loved this game.  It's actually very family friendly, fun, educational and teaches valuable lessons building life skills that kids need to succeed in every day activities in life...including school/social and  people skills.  It's amazing! 



Jodie Lynn

Syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO and founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com, and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO.


"The Oikos Game is not only enriching to the family circle, it is fun! This is mission critical if we are to use it to its full potential. The makers of this game used great forethought in making an inspiring, enriching and provoking game. We give them 5 up for mission accomplished!"

Serena Philips, Family Review Magazine and Review Center http://www.familyreview.org/reviews/games/index6.html#78


Through his professional expertise and obvious parenting skills, Dr. Rayel has created a game for children which is both educational and fun to play. It teaches cooperation and important life skills along with providing practice in reading and mathematics. Oikos Game is an excellent teaching tool for small groups of children who can benefit immensely from the practical skills and values that it promotes.



Graham Manuel

Special Needs Teacher



I’m just amazed by Oikos Game and the concept behind it. It teaches a lot of skills that kids can use in facing the challenges of every day life. Unlike other family games, Oikos Game is indeed educational and fun without really trying. Moreover, I like the way Oikos Game help families talk about sensitive issues.”



Dr. Henry Borja




We were very pleased with the Oikos Game Level 2 and the kids really enjoyed playing. It challenged our children to think for themselves about social issues and situations that they will face from time to time. The questions were relevant and reinforced what we have been trying to teach them at home. Many of the activities were beneficial in helping to build their self-esteem.



Joy and Louie Best




Unlike many games, Oikos Game is fun even though it’s educational. It is simple even though it’s different. Oikos Game creates excitement even as it fosters understanding.


Through your effort and the quality time spent with your child, I am confident that this family game will have a significant impact. I’m very pleased to offer all families and parents this unique opportunity to own Oikos Game.


Order Oikos Game now. I hope that you and your children will share an incredible and enjoyable journey.




All the best,




Michael G. Rayel, MD

Psychiatrist and Inventor of Oikos Game