Oikos Game Series 


Oikos Game: A Personal Development and Emotional Skills Game

     Fun, educational board game!

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Winner, Platinum Award 2007, Family Review Center and Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award2005!



Good news! Oikos Game 1 has now three game instructions or versions. It's like buying 3 games in 1!


What are the benefits of playing Oikos Game?


As a family board game,



  • Oikos Game is a great tool to teach children how to deal with bullies, show empathy, be assertive, solve problems, face fears, deal with strangers, good manners, and much more.


  • Oikos Game provides a venue for families to talk about sensitive issues relating to school, community, and family in a safe and secure environment.


  • Oikos Game promotes family interaction and openness


  • Oikos Game sets a pattern for appropriate behavior through its situations that portray real-life events.


  • Oikos Game helps parents and children deal with common issues in a fun way, without parents having to nag.


  • Oikos Game, through its cheerful and colorful images, promotes and celebrates multicultural diversity.


  • Oikos Game encourages reading and mathematical ability during play.


  • Oikos Game promotes coping and social skills for children.


  • Oikos Game helps children learn personal development and emotional intelligence skills through rewards and consequences, repetition, family interaction, and play.


  • And much more!


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